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Join us to celebrate ground breaking for the    

Westmoreland History Education Center

at Historic Hanna's Town


A brief ceremony outside will be followed by an open house and refreshments in the Tavern and the Museum Shop! 



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Guided tours of Historic Hanna’s Town have ended for 2017, but will resume on Saturday May 5, 2018.  In the meantime, Historic Hanna’s Town is a county park open from dawn to dusk throughout the year.  You are welcome to walk around the grounds and see the outside of the partially-recreated Revolutionary War period settlement. 

Star of the West was a title given to Westmoreland County by 18th century German pioneers who regarded it as a "stella" or star as they traveled from eastern Pennsylvania through this region and toward western territories. The 5-pointed star also represents the five counties that were carved from Westmoreland's original boundaries - Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland. This Star reflects our mission to provide a guide through history to a greater understanding of the present and a clearer path to the future.



Jan. 6, 1777: Pennsylvania’s 8th Regiment leaves Hanna's Town to join Gen. Washington in New Jersey

Jan. 7, 1787: Court held in Greensburg for the first time.

Jan. 10, 1887: Latrobe Electric Light Company was incorporated. One of its founders was A.W. Mellon.

Jan. 22, 1895: Westmoreland Hospital Association was founded.

Jan. 30, 1897: Building of the present Courthouse (Westmoreland’s fifth) was authorized by the Court

Jan. 31, 1908: Present Courthouse dedicated.