Westmoreland County Historical Society

The Irish Experience in America

The Irish Experience in America

Apr 17th 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Irish have made tremendous contributions to American society as a whole, and certainly in southwestern Pennsylvania. Join the Westmoreland County Historical Society to hear a fascinating program, The Irish Experience in America. Dr. Timothy Crain, director of the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education and an assistant professor of history at Seton Hill University will be the speaker.


Beginning in the mid-19th through the early 20th centuries, most of the Irish immigrants to America were Catholic. The established American Protestants detested these new arrivals and discriminated against them through substandard employment, housing, and education. Despite these barriers, Irish immigrants struggled to find their place in America and rose above prejudice to become one of the most successful of all the ethnic groups of that period. Dr. Crain will discuss the Irish Experience in America by focusing on the many challenges they faced, the transition to assimilation, and finally, their acceptance into American society. He credits much of the Irish success-story in the United States to the resolve of their women to achieve the ‘American Dream’ for their families.


Location: Caritas Christi, McCullough Meeting Room

Address:  129 DePaul Center Road, Greensburg, PA 15601

Fee: Free for WCHS members, $7 for others

Reservations: Recommended, 724-532-1935 x 210