Westmoreland County Historical Society


The Frolic is a fund raising event for the WCHS, but it is also part of our ongoing effort to bring our history and the American experience to life for various audiences.

2015 featured a WWII USO theme.  2014 revisited Prohibition.  At the 2013 Frolic, we were Celebrating Our American Heritage! The most popular event of that evening was the naturalization ceremony in which six candidates took their Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America and became citizens.

2016 FROLICFrolic Games.jpg

Go to the Courthouse.  Go directly to the Westmoreland County Courthouse.  Do not pass GO.  Do not collect $200, but do bring a competitive spirit with you for the Westmoreland County Historical Society’s Eighth Annual Frolic.  This year’s event celebrates Classic Games of the 20th Century.  MONOPOLY’s Rich Uncle Pennybags welcomes you to try your hand at a variety of games of skill, games of chance, and board games throughout the evening.

Guests are invited to participate in a spirited round of blackjack, test their knowledge during a rousing trivia competition, play a giant game of chess, and remember a variety of beloved childhood games.  The history of board games stretched back centuries and across cultures, but many iconic games were introduced in America during the 20th century.  MONOPOLY recently marked its 80th anniversary and will serve as a central theme at the Frolic.  Guests will enjoy a PowerPoint presentation on the history of games, as well as a display of vintage board games, and the more recent phenomenon of video game systems.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, Chef Mark’s Palate will serve a variety of upscale carnival-themed fare, while DJ J. Malls spins his vinyl.  There will also be a cash bar and a “Chance” to win some great prizes donated by local patrons.