Westmoreland County Historical Society


map.jpgThe Calvin E. Pollins Memorial Library is a non-circulating library of over 5,000 historical reference books, genealogical records, and original documents of local interest. There is no fee for WCHS members to use the library, and non-members pay a fee of $5/per person, per visit. Copies are available for $.20/page for members and $.25/page for non-members. The library is located at the headquarters of the Westmoreland County Historical Society.

Map Westmoreland County Historical Society
362 Sandhill Road
Greensburg, PA 15601
Library Hours
Tuesday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm
Evenings (Tue-Thu) by appointment

People using the Pollins Library to do genealogical research find the following collections especially useful:

Pennsylvania histories including Colonial Records and Pennsylvania Archives
Over the last 50+ years, the WCHS has developed a unique collection of resources about genealogy and the following topics. The information available in books is supplemented with 12 drawers of vertical files that contain articles and other materials that cannot be placed on a shelf. New books and resources are added to the collections weekly