Westmoreland County Historical Society

Our Collection

These specialized collections are available by appointment to those conducting research related to specific projects. 

The Archives
The archives houses a variety of photographic images, correspondence, organizational minutes and records, unpublished documents, as well as rare and limited edition pamphlets and publications from the 18th through mid-20th centuries. These items are related to residents and organizations from Westmoreland County. 

Curatorial (Objects) Collection
The curatorial collection consists of items as varied as furniture, memorabilia, musical instruments, and textiles. The textile collection, one of the largest, has examples of clothing and accessories from the early 19th century through mid-20th centuries. One prized garment includes Richard Coulter's army jacket from the Mexican War. 

The Hanna's Town site is an archaeological treasure because it is a sealed time capsule from an early and important period in the history of our country – late 1700's frontier living. The site has already produced in excess of one million artifacts that are currently catalogued and stored at various locations on and off site. These artifacts can be extremely instructional to the community at large. Plans are underway to make significant displays available to the general public (link to campaign). These resources are appealing to archaeological professionals and students interested in the material culture of the waning British colonial frontier and the emerging American republic.