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This 15-page report of Anna L. Warren and The Westmoreland County Historical Society Research Committee was written in 1977 and reprinted in 2002. It recounts the true story of a young frontier wife and mother who, after witnessing the killing of her husband and young son in July of 1782 by Indians, was taken with her infant daughter to Canada as a captive of the Indians. She was eventually returned during the prisoner exchange following the peace treaties after the Revolution. Much of the research for this paper makes use of depositions taken regarding her eligibility for a Revolutionary War pension. This story of Elizabeth, who died many years after this event in 1842 at the age of 87, is a remarkable one that adds a very personal note to the closing months of the Revolutionary War in Westmoreland County.


These documents and letters shed light on a little-publicized episode in General Arthur St. Clairs later years. He died poverty-stricken in 1818 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. This 49-page compilation by the Westmoreland County Historical Society transcribes original documents written by St. Clair and his son in attempts to recover personal funds advanced to recruiting and outfitting of soldiers under the generals command. Even these minor occurrences in the life of this illustrious Revolutionary War soldier and patriot should be brought to the public. 


Authors Helen Smith and George Swetnam tell the delightful story of a pioneer family enhanced by beautiful and informative illustrations. This little book will have a special appeal to children and young people, but will also profit anyone wishing a glimpse of everyday living in the early pre-Revolutionary years on the Pennsylvania frontier.


A 14 page bound paper written by Ed Hahn was a project of the Westmoreland County Historical Society. This is a study of the founding of Hanna's Town, the first county seat of Westmoreland County and the first one organized west of the Alleghenies. The community lasted some fourteen years only to be all but destroyed by Indians and British rangers on July 13, 1782. The site became farmland for the next 190 years and provided an unprecedented opportunity for archeological investigation of an undisturbed site of a colonial village. For researchers and those interested in early western Pennsylvania history, this is a valuable tool. 


This recipe book features beverages, savories, and sweets that have been served at special events at Historic Hanna's Town, including the full teas; Three Centuries of Stimulating Beverages, Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate; and the Candlelight Open House.  Guests often ask for the recipes, and we are pleased to provide them in this little (40-page) cookbook.


This 1963 reprint of C. M. Bombergers monograph first published in 1920 is a highly detailed and thoroughly-researched account of the Battle of Bushy Run of the French and Indian War in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The author stresses the importance of this pivotal time in early colonial days west of the Appalachians and calls this battle the most decisive victory in all history gained by the White Man over the American Indian. Black and white portraits of Colonel Henry Boquet and Chief Pontiac are included in this 67-page book that is now out-of-print and very hard to find. A limited number of copies are available through The Westmoreland County Historical Society. 


Articles feature all aspects of Westmoreland County history, from pre-European settlement through the 20th century.  Articles are well researched, but written in a style that is accessible for a broad audience.  Archival photos are included with each article. 

The current issue features the following articles:

  • Captain George Dom: Naval Aviator/Top Gun Instructor/Blue Angel Commander
  • Cyrus Woods and the Tokyo Earthquake of 1923
  • Whatever Happened to Kelly's Hollow


  • First Person: F. Cuming's Journey through Westmoreland County in 1807
  • Discover Westmoreland: The Underwood Section of Greensburg



This 58-page set contains all 3 volumes of a research project of the Westmoreland County Historical Society completed in 1985. It contains eyewitness accounts by those who served. Much of the information is derived from applications filed with the Bureau of Pension in the years that followed the American Revolution. 

Vol. I: Isaac Anderson, Joseph Brownlee, Michael Huffnagle, Robert Hunter, David Shaw and Michael Truby. 

Vol. II: Jacob Byerly, Samuel Craig, Matthew Jack, Robert Orr, and Adam Oury. 

Vol. III: James Chambers, Mathias Fisher, William Guthrie, Archibald Leech, Michael Sanor, and William Wharton. 

If you find the name of an ancestor above, this set is a must for your research. If you have an interest in the participation of western Pennsylvanians in the Revolution, you should find this study very helpful.