Westmoreland County Historical Society


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Articles feature all aspects of Westmoreland County history, from pre-European settlement through the 20th century.  Articles are well researched, but written in a style that is accessible for a broad audience.  Archival photos are included with each article. 

The current issue features the following articles:

  • Captain George Dom: Naval Aviator/Top Gun Instructor/Blue Angel Commander
  • Cyrus Woods and the Tokyo Earthquake of 1923
  • Whatever Happened to Kelly's Hollow


  • First Person: F. Cuming's Journey through Westmoreland County in 1807
  • Discover Westmoreland: The Underwood Section of Greensburg



This 58-page set contains all 3 volumes of a research project of the Westmoreland County Historical Society completed in 1985. It contains eyewitness accounts by those who served. Much of the information is derived from applications filed with the Bureau of Pension in the years that followed the American Revolution. 

Vol. I: Isaac Anderson, Joseph Brownlee, Michael Huffnagle, Robert Hunter, David Shaw and Michael Truby. 

Vol. II: Jacob Byerly, Samuel Craig, Matthew Jack, Robert Orr, and Adam Oury. 

Vol. III: James Chambers, Mathias Fisher, William Guthrie, Archibald Leech, Michael Sanor, and William Wharton. 

If you find the name of an ancestor above, this set is a must for your research. If you have an interest in the participation of western Pennsylvanians in the Revolution, you should find this study very helpful.