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The Day Must Dawn

The Day Must Dawn


Paperback reprint of the 1936 novel by Agnes Sligh Turnbull combines the details of the daily life of a pioneer family with actual characters from the history of the area. Recommended reading for all who are interested in enriching their understanding of the trials of their pioneer ancestors. 

Full of movement, of incident and adventure . . . rich in color! (The New York Times) 

It is my hope that this book, written from careful research and old family stories, may make those who read it more vividly conscious of the days long ago in Hannas Town, that little village of log cabins which played an important part in pioneer times. The men and women who crossed the Alleghenies to live there brought with them much more than the few goods on their pack horses; they brought courage, determination, and faith. (Agnes Sligh Turnbull, January 1973) 

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