Westmoreland County Historical Society




This durable, nylon 3 x 5 foot flag is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and is the official flag of Westmoreland County, so designated during the county's bicentennial year in 1973. The original rattlesnake flag was made for Proctor's Militia, formed at Hannas Town in 1775. The snake in the center is coiled to strike the emblem of the British Empire, and its 13 rattles signify the American colonies. The letters are the monograph of Colonel John Proctors 1st Battalion, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (or Provincials). 

This flag has the "staff" (grommet) side beside the canton, as it was originally designed to be, correcting several decades of fastening the flag from the opposite end. 

As a resident of Westmoreland County or a history buff, you would be proud to display this colorful and historical flag.