Enjoying an 18th Century Dinner at the Lefevre House


On December 14, we were thrilled to bring back another program that was on hiatus last year, our 18th century dinner raffle. Coordinated by the vice president of our board, Jim Clayton, the dinner provides a chance for a lucky winner and seven of their guests to enjoy a historic meal in a log house at Historic Hanna’s Town.

We were pleased that a volunteer, Linda Austin, won this year’s raffle! We hosted the dinner in the Lefevre House for the first time, giving the guests a chance to see inside one of our newer reconstructed buildings at night, and providing our servers and Chef James Bosco more space to work.

The menu featured dishes from Mount Vernon and Monticello, including chicken soup, spinach salad, filet mignon, creamed celery, and James Hemings macaroni and cheese.

Chef Bosco spoke to guests about the history of the dishes as well as his restaurant, Major Stokes, which is located in a historic building in Greensburg.

We capped off the evening with a delicious mince pie from Ravenous Baked Goods in Scottdale.

Thank you to everyone who made this evening possible!

Jim Clayon, Linda Austin, James Bosco, Barbara Ferrier, Marilyn McSparrin, and Mike Cary.

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