Group Tours

Bus tours and groups of 20+ are welcome to schedule a visit to Historic Hanna's Town from May to mid-December.

The guided tour of Historic Hanna’s Town is approximately 60 – 90 minutes. Visitors explore Hanna’s Tavern, the Gaol, the stockade fort, and the unique stories of the American Revolution on the Pennsylvania frontier.

Additional activities and demonstrations covering topics related to local and regional history are approximately 30 – 45 minutes. Progam times are flexible depending on your group size and availability.

Our new Westmoreland History Education Center offers an exhibit gallery and museum shop, both included with your discounted group admission price.

Please contact our Education Coordinator with any questions or special requests: 723-836-1800 x212.

Guided Tour of Historic Hanna's Town

Step back in time to the period of the Revolutionary War and follow a knowledgeable guide through the history of Hanna’s Town.

Approximately 60 - 90 minutes

Discover the unique role of Hanna’s Town as the first seat of government for Westmoreland County and first English courts west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Tour Hanna's Tavern to learn about the day-to-day lives of early Americans and how they engaged with broader social, cultural, economic, and political activities of their time. Hear stories of traveling along the Forbes Road, an early route west through Pennsylvania. Uncover the origins of American justice and the early county court system at the nearby gaol (jail) and pillory.

Explore the American Revolution on the Pennsylvania frontier at our reconstructed stockade fort, which played a pivotal role in the burning of Hanna’s Town in 1782.

Walk through our kitchen garden and learn how people in the 18th century cultivated native and introduced plants to survive on the frontier. Also see our pollinator garden where we are working to reintroduce native plants to Hanna’s Town.

See our authentic late 18th to early 19th century Conestoga Wagon and discover how the region grew and changed in the period after Hanna’s Town.

Hanna's Town, est. 1773

Activities & Demonstrations

Each of these programs includes a presentation by a knowledgeable guide and a historical demonstration and/or hands-on activity.

Approximately 30 - 45 minutes

  • Court Reenactment

    Betrayal, theft, treason – all things that happened on the Pennsylvania frontier! Observe or take part in reenactments of actual court cases that took place at Hanna’s Town from 1773-1786, while discovering the origins of American justice and complexities of frontier life.

  • Militia Demonstration

    Get a more in-depth look at the Revolutionary War on the Pennsylvania frontier from a member of the county militia, established at Hanna's Town in 1775 with the writing of the Hanna's Town Resolves. Learn about the daily life of a militiaman, their training, and the gear they carried into battle. First-person narration, displays of historically accurate items, and musket demonstrations bring these stories to life.

  • Historic Clothing and Textiles

    Learn about 18th century frontier fashion and the year-long process of creating textiles, from collecting flax and wool to spinning and weaving. Includes displays of clothing, textile materials, and tools along with demonstrations of skills such as carding and spinning.

  • Artifact Analysis

    Much of what we know about Hanna’s Town comes from archaeological research, a unique resource recording how people lived on the frontier during the American Revolution. Investigate artifacts recovered at Hanna’s Town and help piece together the unique history our historic site.

  • Tin Punching

    Craftsmen in early America used tin punch to decorate metal items, such as lanterns, footwarmers, and pie safe doors, to make them more attractive. Learn about this important craft and create a tin punched keepsake to hang in a window.

  • Long Rifle

    Explore the development of the long rifle following the immigration of the German and Swiss to Eastern Pennsylvania. Learn how they made the rifling barrels, where black powder comes from, what they used for patching materials, char cloth for fire starting, and how lead was sourced to make ammunition for the rifles. Visitors are offered the opportunity to cast their own 'lead round ball' and cut a linen patch to take home.

Westmoreland History Education Center

Visit to the Education Center is included with group admission.

Our new Westmoreland History Education Center, opened in 2019, invites visitors to explore the rich history of Westmoreland County and beyond.

The Education Center houses the Kendra Gallery, a changing exhibit space featuring artifacts, documents, artworks, and archaeological material that tell compelling stories of the area's history. Guided or self-guided tours are available.

Visit the Westmoreland History Shop and browse a variety of carefully-selected gifts and keepsakes. Find history-inspired books for adults and children, vintage-style toys and games, jewelry, dishware, teas, baking mixes, jams, and home décor.

The Education Center is a handicap-accessible facility and has amenities such as air conditioning, heating, and modern restrooms.



$7.50 / Person

  • Guided Tour of Hanna’s Town
  • Exhibit Gallery
  • Museum Shop


$50 / flat rate for additional programs

  • Activities and Demonstrations

How to Book

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a group visit to Historic Hanna' Town! Each group visit is customized based on how on how much time you can spend at Hanna’s Town and the number of people in your group.

Please contact Lara Bromyard, Education Coordinator, by phone at 724-836-1800 x212 or by e-mail at

Download Group Tour Information flyer: Historic Hanna's Town 2023 Group Tour Flyer

When you are ready to book, please have this information ready:

  • Potential dates for your visit
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Number of attendees
  • Possible programs you would like to schedule
  • Special requests (accessibility, lunch tables, etc.)

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