Western Pennsylvania’s Lost Amusement Parks


Western Pennsylvania’s Lost Amusement Parks

At one time, Western Pennsylvania was home to dozens of small amusement parks, many of them trolley parks. These parks, originally designed to bolster streetcar business, were a way for workers to seek respite from the crowded, dirty cities. While some of these parks never developed into much more than a dance hall and a merry-go-round, others became full-scale amusement parks with rides, entertainment, and other amusements. After years of battling floods, changing economies, the decline of streetcars, and competition from other amusement parks, many of these amusement parks ended up closing their gates for good, the thrills they once provided now relegated to memories. With many of these parks all but lost to time, it is time to take a look back and remember some of the most prominent lost amusement parks of Western Pennsylvania.



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This 128 page paperback in the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing is by local author Rachel Smith.   With many of the original amusement parks of western Pennsylvania now relegated to memories, it is time to look back and remember some of the most prominent ones.