Woman on Fire

Woman on Fire - Copy

Woman on Fire

When she first learned about her four times great aunt, Gail Curtis was consumed by what Elizabeth Guthrie Brownlee’s life must have been like.  Through extensive research, much at Westmoreland Historical Society, she learned about the horrific details of her life.   With this debut historical fiction novel, the author feels that someone has finally told Elizabeth’s story for her.



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A new book based on the life of Elizabeth Guthrie Brownlee Guthrie.   Elizabeth Guthrie comes to America from Ireland in 1771 with her parents, an older brother, and younger siblings.   Through the Seneca Indians’ and British Loyalists’ raid and burning of Hanna’s Town in 1782, the capture of Elizabeth, her husband, and two children, Elizabeth shows her resilience to fight for her life and freedom.  For two years, Elizabeth and her daughter fight through Indian captivity that takes her to Canada, a slave auction, and an attempt by the Native Americans to burn her at the stake.  Through the voices of Elizabeth and other members of her family, the story of this infamous day and her journey come to life.  Woman on Fire wraps a fictional story around historical events to give a page-turning experience.

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