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Take your class back in time to when Westmoreland County was the American frontier! Field trips to Hanna’s Town, conducted by experienced guides, cover a variety of historical topics and include fun, hands-on activities. All programs are aligned with Pennsylvania education standards. Most groups spend anywhere from 2 - 5 hours with us on a field trip.

Your field trip to Hanna’s Town includes:

  • Pre-visit materials providing historical information about Historic Hanna's Town.
  • The site visit, which includes a tour of Historic Hanna’s Town and hands-on activities demonstrating 18th century amusements and trades.
  • Post-visit activities reinforcing concepts discussed in the program.

approximately 30 minutes

Students explore Hanna’s Tavern, the Gaol, and other significant places on a guided tour. Students will discover the day-to-day lives of early Americans, the unique role of Hanna’s Town as the first seat of Westmoreland County, and how residents engaged with broader social, cultural, political, and economic activities.


30 minutes each


Very few store-bought toys and games were available to children on the frontier in the 18th century. Children or adult family members often made their own amusements. Students will play with toys and engage in games that were popular with children in early America.


Do you usually wear 'stays' under your gown? Do you forget to button your knee britches? Students will learn about 18th century frontier fashion and textile production.


Reenact actual court cases that took place at Hanna’s Town, the first seat of Westmoreland County. Students learn about the history of law and justice on the Pennsylvania frontier. Best for 4th grade and up.


Students discover how people of the past interacted with the natural world. This seasonally-relevant nature exploration will take students through our gardens of heirloom plants and woodland trails.

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Students can find high-quality, reasonably priced souvenirs to remember their visit to Hanna’s Town, such as 18th century toys and games, craft kits, books, jewelry, and more.


30 minutes each


Craftsmen in early America used tin punch to decorate metal items, such as lanterns and pie safe doors to make them more attractive. Students will create a simple tin punched panel to hang in a window.

Rattlesnake flag

Westmoreland County’s official flag, carried by a militia that recruited at Hanna’s Town, is full of clues to the history of the county and the American Revolution. Students will discover the hidden meanings in the flag, learn about symbolism, and design their own flag to take home.


Students try their hand at the German art of Scherenschnitte. Similar to cutting a paper snowflake, students will cut traditional symbolic images such as hearts, flowers, and birds from paper and paste their image on cardstock to take home.


German immigrants to Pennsylvania brought with them the tradition of fraktur, artful handwriting and drawing incorporated into birth and baptism certificates and family trees. Students will color or draw their own fraktur to take home.

Special Presenters

Reenactors and historic craft demonstrators are available for an additional fee and 8 weeks advance notice.


Learn about the history, skills, and science of blacksmithing from a professional. Students will observe demonstrations and have the opportunity to ask questions.


Learn about traditional skills of Native Americans from a member of the Huron tribe. A variety of handmade or hand-prepared items are on display including wampum, fishing nets, rope, animal hides, and beadwork.


Drumming is important to Native People, who pass the tradition down through generations and use this special instrument at tribal meetings, festivals, and other social gatherings. Students will learn about the cultural significance of the drum, have the opportunity to make music, and see a display of handmade instruments and items.

Explore the development of the long rifle following the immigration of the German and Swiss to Eastern Pennsylvania. Learn how they made the rifling barrels, where black powder comes from, what they used for patching materials,  char cloth for fire starting, and how lead was sourced to make ammunition for the rifles. Students are offered the opportunity to cast their own 'lead round ball' and cut a linen patch to take home.


20-50 Students

$7 / Student

  • Tour of Hanna’s Town
  • One Activity & One Craft
  • OR Two Activities

50-70 Students

$7 / Student

  • Tour of Hanna’s Town
  • Two Activities & One Craft
  • OR Three Activities

70-85 Students

$7 / Student

  • Tour of Hanna’s Town
  • Three+ Activities
  • One Craft

85+ Students

Custom Price

  • Tour of Hanna’s Town
  • Three+ Activities
  • One+ Crafts
  • One+ Special Presenters

The base field trip price is $7 per student. Cost varies depending on the number of students and whether you are booking special presenters.

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How to Book

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To book, please contact:

Dr. Kelton Edmonds, Education Coordinator or 724-836-1800 x212.

When you are ready to book, please have this information ready:

  • Potential dates for your field trip
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Number of children and adults (1 adult for every 10 children)
  • Possible activities you would like to schedule
  • Special requests (lunch tables, accessibility, or curriculum focuses)