Scout Programs

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As both a historic site and county park, Historic Hanna’s Town is a unique place for Scouts to discover the world around them and where they can make a difference. Through our programs and volunteer opportunities, Scouts can foster important individual and interpersonal skills such as leadership, teamwork, and care for history, the environment, and their community.

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What can Scouts do at Historic Hanna’s Town?

  • Attend educational programs to meet badge requirements

    We offer hands-on, customizable programs to help Scouts meet badge requirements.

    Scout programs offered for groups at $7 per child. Contact our Education & Interpretation Manager if you have questions or requests.

  • Earn community service hours

    As a nonprofit organization and historic site, we are dedicated to preserving and sharing history and caring for the natural and cultural environment at Historic Hanna’s Town. Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops have volunteered their time with us in a variety of ways, including helping with special events, educational programs, and site stewardship. Contact our Education Coordinator to discuss volunteer ideas.

    Events and Programs

    -- Volunteering with children’s summer camps (for volunteers ages 14+)

    -- Assisting with setup, parking, activities, and cleanup at Frontier Court Days

    -- Serving guests at our Tea events


    Site Stewardship

    -- Maintaining trails

    -- Clearing brush

    -- Working in the garden

    -- Maintaining historic buildings, classrooms, and exhibit gallery

  • Develop Eagle and Gold Award projects

    A number of Scouts have worked with us on their Eagle or Gold Awards. Contact our Education Coordinator to discuss project ideas.

  • Organize a Camporee

    Historic Hanna’s Town has hosted Camporees for Scouts that help them serve their community and meet badge requirements. Contact our Education Coordinator to discuss Camporee options.

For additional information, please contact Lara Bromyard, Education Coordinator, at or 724-836-1800 x212.