Site Policies

Hanna’s Town is a Westmoreland County Park.

As such, we are subject to the General Rules & Regulations for Westmoreland County Parks.

No person except those authorized by Westmoreland County or conducting official county business, shall, on any county-owned property:

  • Paste, tie, glue, post, fasten, paint, draw, carve or otherwise affix any placard, bill, notice, sign advertisement or any inscription within any county-owned property.
  • Announce, advertise, or call public attention to in any manner any article, thing or service for sale, trade or hire except when a special permit is issued for that purpose.


  • Bring glass bottles or containers into the park.
  • Congregate or consume alcoholic beverages in any parking area or along any roadway.
  • Consume intoxicating beverages in, on, or within 20 yards of any parking areas, roads, road berms, or vehicles.
  • Camp at any time. Organized groups may apply for a permit through the group camping application. Examples of organized groups are Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H groups, churches, school groups, etc. Individual or family camping is not permitted. For more information, please call 724-830-3950.
Hobbies / Park Activities
  • Ice fish on any county owned lake except in those areas designated for such activity. These activities are not permitted unless the ice meets acceptable thickness standards. 
  • Fire, discharge, set off, explode, bring into or possess any rocket, fire cracker, torpedo, missile, or other type of fireworks, or any substance of an explosive matter.
  • Drive, putt, practice or play golf in any manner without written permission.
  • Make any ascent in any balloon or airplane or any descent in or from any balloon, airplane, or parachute in any park unless authorized.
  • Expose or offer for sale or trade any article, thing, or service, except when a special permit is issued for that purpose.
  • Roller skate, roller blade, or skateboard in any park unless specific facilities are provided for such purposes.
  • Ride or walk a horse in any area except along roadway shoulders or specifically designated areas or trails, but not within 30 yards of any picnic or play area.
  • Hunt, trap, and/or discharge a firearm in any park except in areas as designated for such purposes, nor shall any person shoot into any park or county owned property from beyond its boundaries. Nothing contained in this ordinance shall prohibit any person from carrying a firearm in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act, or in accordance with other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Areas in the county parks that are open for hunting will be restricted by the type of firearm or bow and arrow that may be used.
  • Deer Hunting in county parks will be permitted with shotguns using rifled slugs, muzzle loaded rifles, or with bows and arrows in accordance with Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations. Small game and fur-bearers are permitted to be taken with shotguns and bows and arrows only.
  • Kill, injure, trap, hunt, pursue, torture, or in any manner deliberately disturb or cause to be disturbed any wild or domesticated bird or animal except as permitted in designated areas.
Marking Park Features
  • Mark, disfigure, disturb, remove, destroy, or cause to be destroyed any building, bridges, table, benches, or other structures or equipment, facilities, or county owned property or appurtenances.
  • Damage, cut, carve, transport or remove any tree or plant.
  • Bring any dangerous animal onto county owned property. To permit a domesticated animal within any park without it being controlled by a leash not more than 6 feet long. Domestic animals are permitted in designated areas only. The owner or other person bringing an animal into a county park shall be responsible for cleaning and properly disposing of any fecal excrement of such animal.
  • Solicit alms or contributions for any purpose whether public or private.
Picnic Areas
  • Bring or attempt to build or start fires except in designated areas.
  • Violate the regulation that use of individual fireplaces, fire rings, grills, and tables follows generally the rule of “First Come, First Served,” except for those facilities that have been reserved through special permit.
  • Leave a picnic area before the fire or hot coals are completely extinguished and before all trash in the nature of boxes, papers, cans, garbage, and other refuse is placed in the disposal receptacles where provided.
  • Park any vehicle in a place other than a designated parking area.
  • Continuously cruise or ride in or on any motor vehicle in, through, or around any park or county owned property.
  • Clean, wash, wax, polish, paint, repair, or do any work whatsoever on private vehicles except for emergency repairs.
  • Bring into or operate any snowmobile, motorized trail bike, mini-bike, or all-terrain vehicle.
  • Bring into or operate any type of power driven model without permission.
  • Bring into or operate any privately owned boats, canoes, rafts, or any other watercraft upon any lake, pond, or other water area except for those approved by the county for specific watercraft use.
  • Bathe, swim, or wade in any body of water on county owned property. Wading for the purpose of fishing is permitted in streams and rivers.

Photography and Video

Photography is a great way to explore our site and remember your visit. We permit photography in our buildings and exhibits under the following policies:

Photography and video may not disturb tour guides and other visitors; pose a safety risk for people and our historic and natural resources; disrupt the flow of the tour to take photos; visitors may not touch or move objects in order to get a photo; may not record the tour on any of their devices; may not use drones without special permission (see below).

Professional photographers and videographers:

Professional photographers should apply for a Video and Photography permit from Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation (WCPR) before taking clients into the parks for portraits (wedding, senior pictures, etc.) or images that will be used for commercial purposes.  Photographers should call (724) 830-3952 for information. Drones are not permitted in the county parks; however, permits may be granted from WCPR for special projects.