Site Policies

Hanna’s Town is a Westmoreland County Park.

As such, we are subject to the General Rules & Regulations for Westmoreland County Parks.

No person except those authorized by Westmoreland County or conducting official county business, shall, on any county-owned property:

Photography and Video

Photography is a great way to explore our site and remember your visit. We permit photography in our buildings and exhibits under the following policies:

Photography and video may not disturb tour guides and other visitors; pose a safety risk for people and our historic and natural resources; disrupt the flow of the tour to take photos; visitors may not touch or move objects in order to get a photo; may not record the tour on any of their devices; may not use drones without special permission (see below).

Professional photographers and videographers:

Professional photographers should apply for a Video and Photography permit from Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation (WCPR) before taking clients into the parks for portraits (wedding, senior pictures, etc.) or images that will be used for commercial purposes.  Photographers should call (724) 830-3952 for information. Drones are not permitted in the county parks; however, permits may be granted from WCPR for special projects.