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Replenish the Hanna’s Town Storehouse

In early 2020, with the expertise on site to relocate the Lefevre log house, we decided to reinvigorate the storehouse inside the stockade. Hopes were high as we looked forward to our first full year in the new Westmoreland History Education Center. Then COVID 19 hit. We proceeded with our plans despite a 90% decline in program revenue because it was never going to be cheaper. Some workers on site for the Lefevre house relocation – many from the I.B.W.C.P (Proctor's Militia) – donated their time, but materials had to be purchased and equipment rented. Funds came from a modest cash reserve built up over several years, so now we need to replenish our storehouse!

Help replenish our storehouse! 

$7 provides 1 foot of chinking materials (top to bottom)
$14 provides 2 feet of chinking material (you get the idea!)
$11 buys 1 foot of gutter
$34 funds the cost of the crane to move one log
$57 funds one linear foot of stone foundation
$107 puts new flashing on one side of the chimney
$140 funds a roof rafter

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